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What are Millet Hulls?

Millet hulls are the outside part of the millet grain. Millet is a cereal crop with small seeds. The hull is the inedible part of the kernel that is removed and is therefore not usually used – it is an agricultural by-product.

How do I wash my millet pillow?

Wash the case at 40 degrees C with like colors, and hang to dry. Just remove the filling first and place it in a dry container for storage while the case is being washed, and replace the filling when the case is completely dry.

How long will the Nallow pillow last?

While an average pillow will last only two years, your Nallow pillow can last 3 or more years with occasional top-ups of additional hulls. Because you can order millet hull refills from us, you can extend the life of your pillow indefinitely.

Could I be allergic to millet hulls?

Millet pillows are usually described as hypoallergenic because they are breathable and don’t tend to accumulate dust and mites like denser feather and synthetic pillows do. A small percentage of people could experience an allergic reaction to millet flour residue which can remain from the milling process. We take extra care to purchase only millet hulls that have been thoroughly cleaned of all leftover flour or other foreign material.

What is your return policy?

60-day money-back guarantee — No questions asked. If for whatever reason you are unhappy with your purchase, send it back to us and we’ll refund your the purchase cost. The purchaser is responsible for return shipping costs.