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Nallow is a product that was created by Social Fabric. Social Fabric is a sustainable textile hub based in Zurich, Switzerland. The mission of Social Fabric is two-fold: to support the use of textiles that have a small ecological and social footprint, and to support people from marginalised groups. To fulfil the second part of the mission, Social Fabric runs programs for refugees in Switzerland, and hopes to be able to hire refugees in Switzerland to create Nallow pillows and other products in the future.
The Nallow pillow is created using raw materials from Europe – the flax that was used to produce the linen case was grown in Belgium, and the millet that was used to produce the filling was grown in Switzerland. This product has a zero carbon footprint, and we hope that it is the first product of many that contributes to a new and ethical way of doing business.
Do you want to know more about Social Fabric? Visit our website at www.socialfabric.ch.